Absalom Thorn

Absalom Thorn * (deceased) was husband of Hippolyta Black, the father of Ezra, Ezekiel, Cassandra and Enoch Thorn, the grandfather of Sarah, Jared and Miriam Thorn, the great-grandfather of Joshua and Abel Thorn, the great-great-grandfather of Seth Thorn, the third-great-grandfather of Abraham Thorn, and the fourth-great-grandfather of Lucilla, Drucilla, and Valeria White, Maximilian and Julia King, and Alexandra Quick. He died fighting against the Deathly Regiment.

He haunts the woods surrounding Croatoa, while his remains are interred in the Thorn family crypt in the same forest. In his spectral form, he wears a beard, "a tall hat and voluminous robes, lined with ruffles and lace, and" a great many "rings ... clustered on his ... fingers." In the Spring of 2009, he led Alex to the family crypt.

In November of 2009, Alex learned that he was helping Valeria White, albeit reluctantly, to research the Thorn Family's history and relation to the Deathly Regiment with the use of a Time-Turner.

During the Summer of 2010, Absalom met with his third-great-grandson Abraham, and was visited by Quick and Julia King.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

Thorn shares his given name with the Biblical son of King David; his haunting of the Croatoa forest alludes to the death of the Biblical Absalom in the Battle of Ephraim Woods.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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