Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above is the fourth story in the Alexandra Quick series. A teaser-title – AQATSA – was announced on 9 May 2010[1], with the official title being announced on 14 June `10 [2]. Written by Inverarity, the book was published at and Mugglenet from 20 December 2011 to 11 May 2012, and runs 261,980 words in length (comparable to a 992-page physical novel).

Stars Above is a sequel to Alexandra Quick and the Deathly Regiment and is set between the Summer of 2010 and June of 2011, during Alex's ninth-grade year. The book is "about escaping your fate or choosing it, and also about vengeance and forgiveness" [3], and is followed by a fifth volume.

The manuscript was beta-read by TealTerror and SwissMarg.

Plot Summary Edit

Alexandra Quick is determined to cheat her fate and see justice done, but she faces a vengeful conspiracy and secrets she is not prepared for. She'll need the help of her friends, but even that may not be enough against the power of the Stars Above.

Chapter 1: Ghosts of Roanoke Edit

After attending the Pirate Fleet Invasion in Roanoke with her sister and sharing an intimate moment with Payton Smith, Alex visits the Thorn family crypt to meet with her father and question him regarding the Deathly Regiment, but their conversation is cut short by an ambush and a vicious skirmish.

Chapter 2: Daughter of Thorn Edit

After conferring with her ancestor, who agrees to help her in her quest to end the Deathly Regiment after she proves to him that she is "to be taken seriously," Alex returns to Croatoa and travels back to Roanoke before heading home to Illinois after spending the summer with the Kings.

Chapter 3: Not Clever Enough Edit

Back in Larkin Mills, Alex receives a call from David and a letter from Innocence before winding up in an altercation with Billy Boggleston, yet despite getting herself grounded, Alex begins researching Apparition before heading to Old Larkin Pond during a thunderstorm.

Chapter 4: Wandless Edit

After a ghastly Splinching accident, Alex is taken by Diana Grimm to Milwaukee for treatment by Alex's own half-sister, Dr. Livia Pruett, who reveals that Alex's family is larger than she believed before Grimm returns Alex to Larkin Mills and the consequences of her out-of-state trip.

Chapter 5: Hags Edit

Alex visits the Goblin Market with her classmates, reviving old friendships and old animosities, and ventures into the dingy back-alleys of the Market where she becomes convinced that a familiar Dark wizard is striking deals with the hags of Chicago.

Chapter 6: A Murder of Crows Edit

Ms. Shirtliffe: "You shouldn't have flown off like that. We could have dispersed those birds if you hadn't flown out of range."
Alexandra: "Oh, really? Before or after they pecked me to death"
Ms. Fletcher: "You should know better than to take off in a panic. If you're in trouble, stay where you are and let adults"
Alexandra: "Alexandra after the attack of the murder of crows"
— Alexandra after the attack of the murder of crows

Alex returns to Charmbridge. She starts crossing the Invisible Bridge with het broom in her hand. While crossing the Invisible Bridge a murder of crows attack alexandra. Alexandra jumps on het broom and fights off the crows. Afterwards she has to fly back to the school. She has a meeting meeting with Dean Grimm who to Alexandra's surprise believes Alexandra beleive that someone tried to killl her. She ettling into her dormitory. Later on she confronted the Rash brothers. Later on she agreed to tell her friends about the Deathly Regiment.

Chapter 7: The Alexandra Committee Edit

Chapter 8: Into the Woods Edit

Chapter 9: The Challenge Edit

Chapter 10: Between You and Me Edit

Chapter 11: The Duel Edit

Chapter 12: Vengeance Edit

Chapter 13: A Determined Elf Edit

Chapter 14: Beneath the Stars Above Edit

Chapter 15: Bespoke Edit

Chapter 16: Witch's Sight Edit

Chapter 17: Regal Royalty Sweets and Confections Edit

Chapter 18: Goody Pruett Edit

Chapter 19: This is Going to Suck Edit

Chapter 20: And I Will Treat With Any Power Edit

Chapter 21: Lies My Mother Told Me Edit

Chapter 22: Runaway Edit

Chapter 23: Nemesis Edit

Chapter 24: A Gathering of Witches Edit

Chapter 25: The Stone Hogan Edit

Chapter 26: Witches' Rock Edit

Chapter 27: The Bones of Their Victims Edit

Chapter 28: The Witch's Lullaby Edit

Chapter 29: Memory Alchemy Edit

Chapter 30: The Squib Laws Edit

Chapter 31: Bamboo Wands Edit

Chapter 32: A Girl Named Troublesome Edit

Chapter 33: The Parliament of Stars Edit

Chapter 34: A Great Work Edit

Chapter 35: The Last Pruett Edit

Chapter 36: The InjunBlooded Warlock Edit

Chapter 37: Gift Edit

Chapter 38: What You Were Born For Edit

Chapter 39: Without a Wand Edit

Author's Notes Edit

The writer's notes on a variety of topics, including [4]:

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