The Alexandra Quick series is a fantasy fan fiction story, set in the Harry Potter universe, concerning the American character of Alexandra Quick.

The series is written by Inverarity: it currently consists of four complete books – The Thorn Circle, The Lands Below, The Deathly Regiment, and The Stars Above – as well as a 680-word vignette and a 2,463-word short story.

According to the author, he has not yet started writing the fifth book in the series and only has a rought outline with the major events.

The series is intended "to copy the structure of the [Harry Potter] series" with "seven books in all"; according to the author, the ending of the series has already been planned.

Publication HistoryEdit

  • Thorn Circle was posted at on 23-24 December `07, at FictionAlley on 24 December `07, at Mugglenet from 20 May - 9 July `08, and at Wizard Tales from 21 March - 6 May `09.
  • Lands Below was posted simultaneously at, Mugglenet, and FictionAlley from 29 November `08 - 3 June `09.
  • A teaser-title for the third volume – AQATDR – was announced on 9 June `09.
  • The prequel vignette "Don' Like Peas!" was posted to LiveJournal on 1 November `09.
  • The official title of Deathly Regiment was announced on 26 November `09.
  • PDFs of Thorn Circle and Lands Below were made available on 20 December `09.
  • A special preview of the first chapter of Deathly Regiment was made available on LiveJournal on 31 December `09.
  • Deathly Regiment officially began posting on 28 February `10 on, Mugglenet, and FictionAlley, with twice-weekly updates on Mondays and Fridays.
  • A teaser-title for the fourth volume - AQATSA - was announced on 9 May `10.
  • The official title of Stars Above was announced on 14 June `10.
  • The first draft of Stars Above was completed on 7 August `11, running 276,000 words.
  • Stars Above officially began posting on 30 December `11 on, Mugglenet, and FictionAlley, with twice-weekly updates on Mondays and Fridays.
  • A teaser title for the fifth book - AQATWA - was announced on 11 May '12.
  • The official title of World Away was announced on 5 May `14.