The American Wizarding Confederation is the primary governing body of wizarding America, led by the Wizards' Congress; the Confederation is administered by the Governor-General, a position filled since 1994 been Elias Hucksteen. The Confederation is divided into territories, much as the United States and Mexico are divided into states and Canada is divided into Provinces. Each Territory is administered by its own Territorial Governor.

The Confederation conducts Wizard Censuses, in which families are listed by blood-status. According to the Census, it appears that individuals may be considered "pure-blooded" if they are at least three-quarters magically endowed, which is to say, if they descend from two parents with magical abilities. Darla Dearborn, for instance, is listed as pure-blooded despite having one Muggle grandmother.

The Confederation regulates the Department of Magical Education, which may grant Cultural Practices Exemptions for the exercise of "shamanism, mysticism, pagan rituals, and other forms of so-called wandless magic." The DME continues to classify voodoo as a Dark Art, thereby outlawing its practice. The Department also restricts wand use to those who are either enrolled in a formal wizarding school or have passed the 12th-grade equivalent S.P.A.W.N.; individual territories can, however, grant exemptions, such as was granted to the Ozarkers.

Several groups have formed in opposition to the Confederation, including most notably the Dark Convention. Other groups, including the Radicalists, have unsuccessfully proposed a more peaceful process of dissolving the Confederation.

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