Mage-Lieutenant Cesar Cervantes is the Vice-Dean in charge of the Eighth Grade at Charmbridge Academy. He is "a handsome older man with slick, dark black hair and a full mustache." Cervantes served in the Texarcana Regiment of the Regimental Officer Corps "for a few years." He was commissed as a Mage-Lieutenant immediately due to his "family background," having bypassed the Junior Regimental Officer Corps as a student. In September 2009, he assigned Alexandra Quick to serve the year with the Junior Regimental Officer Corps again, along with a month's worth of detentions, after after Quick got into a schoolyard duel with Benjamin and Mordecai Rash. In January 2011, he attended the Charmbridge Winter Ball with his wife.

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The Vice-Dean shares his surname with a 16th century Spanish writer.

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