Claudia Carolina Quick (b. 1974) is the daughter of Abraham Thorn and his first wife, the wife of Archie Green, and a resident of Larkin Mills. A squib, she became a victim of the Barrenness Curse on the orders of Roanoke Governor Elias Hucksteen, under the provision of Article 6 of Confederation Law 843, in 1988. She later attended Andrew Donelson High School from 1988 to 1992, where she played the flute, was a member of the Spanish Club, and made the Superintendent's Honor Roll.

She was interviewed by Bureau of Magic Obfuscation officer Diana Grimm on 25 March 1996, three days after the birth of her youngest sister, Alexandra Quick. She left Chicago with Alexandra soon after and moved to Larkin Mills, posing as Alex's mother. She began dating Green in 2001, and the two married in 2002. She works as a nurse at Larkin Mills Hospital.

During the Christmas Eve Blizzard of 2007, Claudia became trapped in her house with Alex when snow piled up past the first floor windows. When a fire broke out in the house, they escaped through an upstairs window onto the porch awning before the house was consumed.

In December 2010, she encountered her half-sister Livia again, and the true nature of her relationship to Alex was revealed.

Family Edit

Claudia is the half-sister of Livia Pruett, Lucilla, Drucilla and Valeria White, Maximilian and Julia King, and Alexandra Quick, the last of whom she raised as an adopted daughter. She is the granddaughter of Augusta Hallowell and Seth Thorn, the great-granddaughter of Abigail Roane and Abel Thorn, the great-great-granddaughter of Leah Stanton and Jared Thorn, the third-great-granddaughter of Emer Quinn and Enoch Thorn, and the fourth-great-granddaughter of Hippolyta Black and Abraham Thorn.

She is also the fifth-cousin of Mary, Darla, and Hilary Dearborn through Patience Hallowell and Ezra Thorn.

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