Elias Hucksteen served as the Governor-General of the American Confederation of Wizards beginning in 1994. He employs a special assistant named Mr. Raspire, and his offices occupy the thirteenth floor of the Territorial Headquarters Building in Chicago. A plot by "the Thorn Circle" within the Dark Convention unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate him in 1995.

Prior to serving as Governor-General, Hucksteen served as the Territorial Governor of the Roanoke Territory. In 1988, he authorized the use of the Barrenness Curse on then 14-year-old Squib Claudia Quick under the provisions of Article 6 of Confederation Law 843.

At some point during his tenur as Governor-General, Hucksteen invoked "special powers" in order to "extend his term in office." He visited the Charmbridge Academy for the 2008 commencement ceremonies, after which he interviewed Alexandra Quick concerning her father. Hucksteen gave Quick his business card through she could contact him by magic if her father should contact her.


The Governor-General's name may be derived from the term huckster.


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