Em is an elf employed at the Charmbridge Academy.

She found Alexandra Quick wandering through the basement of Charmbridge in May 2008, and charmed Quick's feet to the floor before retrieving Ben Journey.

Em encountered Quick again in November 2008 after Alex stormed out of a Mors Mortis Society meeting. Em examined the snake that Alex had taken from the meeting, which had been conjured by John Manuelito, to ensure that it was, in fact, a snake and not a being from the Lands Beyond masquerading as a snake. Em agreed to lead Alex out of the basement and not turn her over to Miss Gale only after Alex promised that she had no intention of returning to the basement. The elf then provided Quick with a cage in which to keep the snake.

In May 2009, Alexandra summoned Em, using what she had learned about the magic binding house-elves, and gave her an obol, forcing her to send Alexandra and her brother to the Lands Below through the gateway beneath Charmbridge Academy.

In September 2010, Em found Alex and Anna Chu in the Charmbridge basements again, and led them to the ghost of Mr. Journey.