Forbearance Winifred Pritchard (b. 1995) attended Charmbridge Academy from 2007 to 2014. She is an Ozarker, and is the twin sister of Constance Pritchard; the pair also have three older brothers, two older sisters, two younger sisters, and a younger brother.[1] She and her sister acquired wands in 2004 due to the fact that the American Wizarding Confederation law prohibiting minors from owning wands until passing their 12th-grade S.P.A.W.N. does not apply to the individual Territory when they live. Forbearance's wand was brought to America from Europe by one of her ancestors.

She rode the Charmbridge Academy Bus to the Goblin Market in Chicago toward the end of the summer in 2007 with her sister, and met her fellow sixth-graders Angelique Devereaux, Alexandra Quick, Darla Dearborn, and David Washington; she wore a colorfully stitched dress and a bonnet. She explained that Ozarkers, including her brothers, are usually home-schooled in magic, and that she and her sister are the first in their family to attend a formal school; she explained that they knew basic conjures, and was scolded by Benjamin Rash on the bus for mentioning that they could wish hexes. She and her sister accompanied her classmates to Hoargrim's Wands and Alchemical Supplies, and explained to Quick that each wand is unique to its owner.

At Boxley's Books, she and her sister purchased used textbooks, some of which were particularly battered; at Grundy's, they bought hardly anything but the essentials from their school shopping list, and accompanied her sister and Chu to the Wizard School Supplies, after which the three met up with Quick and Washington in the cafeteria. While they ate lunches that they had brought, Rash approached them and ordered them to sit with him and his Ozarker clique, but was defended by Quick. When a fight broke out between Quick, Washington, Rash and his brother Mordecai, Forbearance and her sister hunched down with their hands over their heads. Later, she accompanied her classmates to The Familiar Corner, though she and Forbearance already had barn owls at home. She also explained to Quick that Rash was not their friend, but only Kindred because he is an Ozarker, and insisted that most Ozarkers don't use the word "mudblood."

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