Glaucus Grue * is the Alchemy Professor at Charmbridge Academy, and administers part of the Sixth Grade practical placement S.P.A.W.N.

Prior to going to work for Charmbridge, he worked as an Auror for the Wizard Justice Department. After Hecate Grimm's memories were permanently destroyed, Grue was the first to attempt to treat her.

He tends to be harsh and condescending towards students, especially girls and Muggle-borns.


Grue shares his given name with a Greek sea-god.


He was a very large man, wearing a thick black robe that looked almost like a cassock, and heavy black scaly gloves. Grizzled salt-and-pepper hair and a tangled black beard obscured most of his face, but what was visible of it – his bulbous nose, plump cheeks, and broad forehead – was covered in scars from blisters and burns.