The Goblin Market is a magical marketplace in Chicago, Illinois, rather like Diagon Alley in London. It is one of several Goblin Markets in wizarding America, along with Markets in Atlanta and New Amsterdam. The Market is accessible through the "Employee's Only" door of a laundromat, or the back entrance of Grobnowski's Old World Deli.

Most students at Charmbridge Academy buy their school supplies here. Every year, the academy sends a bus to take students whose parents aren't able to bring them to the Goblin Market, such as Muggle-borns and students from other parts of the country, to shop for school supplies. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are required to be accompanied by a chaperone, but ninth graders and above are permitted to shop and wander the market on their own during this field trip.

Alexandra Quick, Darla Dearborn, Anna Chu, Constance and Forbearance Pritchard, Angelique Devereaux and David Washington visited the Market during the summer of 2007 under the supervision of Gwendolyn Adams in order to purchase school supplies for their first year at Charmbridge Academy. In 2008, the seventh graders were chaperoned by Vance Wilson.


Among the many shops located in the Goblin Market are:

Hoargrim's Wands and Alchemical Supplies
Goody Pruett's Witch-Made Pies, Cakes, and Other Confections
A toy store
A cafe
Boxley's Books
Mahmoud's Flying Carpets
Chicago's Broom Megastore
Grundy's department store
The Familiar Corner
A greengrocer
A Gringrotts Wizarding Bank branch
A Colonial Bank of the New World branch.
Highlander Mage Supplies