Grobnowski's Old World Deli is a delicatessen in Chicago, Illinois; the back entrance of the store leads onto the Goblin Market. As such, the Deli is owned by "an extremely thin, sour-looking woman and a much fatter and friendlier-looking man," and provides a meeting place where "some very old men with wizened faces wearing woolen sweaters and sock-like argyle caps on their heads" meet to converse, read newspapers, and play wizard's chess.

The interior of the deli looks extraordinarily old, with smoke-covered wooden beams and rafters, an old iron pot-bellied stove in the center, and a permeating smell of oils and aged meat. The meat counter – offering prosciutto, ham, kielbasa, sturgeon, and roast beef – bears a sign reading "Guaranteed Wizard-Raised Meat," while the cheese counter is divided into two sections – one marked "Wizard Cheeses," offering blue, green, candy-striped red and white, and color-changing products, and one marked "Muggle Cheeses," offering cheaper mundane products.

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