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Innocence Catharine Pritchard (b. 1997) attended Charmbridge Academy from 2009 to 2016.

She is an Ozarker, and is a great-granddaughter of Dorcas Pritchard, Abigail Morrison and Bountiful Ford, and daughter of Dust and Mrs. Pritchard. She is the younger sister of Noah, Burton, Constance, and Forbearance Pritchard (as well as another older brother and two older sisters), and the older sister of Whimsy and Done Pritchard. Her wand was made for her by her great-grandmother Dorcas Pritchard, making her the first of her siblings to receive a new wand.

In August of 2009, she rode the Charmbridge Academy Bus to the Goblin Market in Chicago, Illinois with Constance and Forbearance, as well as Benjamin and Mordecai Rash, and Larry Albo. She later met Alexandra Quick, David Washington and Angelique Devereaux; in the cafeteria at Grundy's, she offended David by making a big deal over the fact that he and Angelique are black, and was subsequently offended when Angelique told David that, as an Ozarker, Innocence didn't know any better.

At Charmbridge, she roomed with Ouida Noel, with whom she got into a fight when Ouida said that Ozarkers were "backwards" and "uneducated." Innocence earned a detention for her part in the altercation. She later tutored William Killmond privately on how to cast hexes; when Constance learned of Innocence's tutoring, the two argued viciously, leading Constance to slap her younger sister.


"She was greatly relieved to see Constance and Forbearance – the Pritchards' parents had been threatening to pull them out of school. To her surprise, however, there was another girl sitting between them, looking like a younger version of the twins. Like them, she wore a calico dress and bonnet, though her blonde curls weren't staying tucked beneath it quite as neatly. Her deep blue eyes were now staring curiously at Alexandra."


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