Julia Majesta King (b. 1994) is the second child of Thalia King and Abraham Thorn; she is the younger sister of Maximilian King, and the half-sister of Alexandra Quick, Lucilla, Drucilla, Valeria, and a daughter of Thorn's first marriage. She lives at the King family ranch of Croatoa in the Roanoke Territory, and attends the Salem Witches Institute.

She first met Quick in the Spring of 2009; despite an obvious difference of personalities, the two quickly became friends. She later attended the Spring Cotillion in New Roanoke with Alex, Max, and her mother.

In November 2009, she greeted Alex at the Blacksburg Wizardrail station along with her mother and half-sister and the four returned to Croatoa for Thanksgiving.


Julia is more girly than Alexandra (her brother said she was "more feminine"). She likes the color lilac. Her hair is dark brown, and more wavy then Alexandra's, and she has a round face.


Julia may be named after the daughter of Julius Caesar, and shares her middle name with the Roman goddess of honor.


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