The Lands Beyond appear to be a supernatural or extra-dimensional realm outside of the corporeal world where spirits – perhaps daemons – exist. The Lands Beyond are distinct from the Lands Below in that, according to Poe, while it is possible to return from the Lands Below, returning from the Lands Beyond is impossible.

The Lands Beyond are accessible from the corporeal realm through magical portals, though it is unclear how many of these portals exist; one such portal exists in an ancient stone chamber below the basements of the Charmbridge Academy, while another exists near the Gift-Place in the Lands Below. Such portals are almost certainly not manmade but were rather excavated by humans, though it is unclear if new portals can be created, by humans or otherwise.

The stone archway in the Death Chamber of the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries, through which Sirius Black fell to his death in June of 1996, may be another such portal.

Spirits can be summoned from and banished to the Lands Beyond from the corporeal realm. In September 2008, Alexandra Quick saw such a Summoning during the first Mors Mortis Society meeting of the year. In May 2009, Maximilian King passed through the Gift-Place portal in order to have a locket transformed into a token which Abraham Thorn could use for passage between the Lands Above and the Lands Below.

In the Spring of 2010, Quick managed to pass through the portal in the chamber below Charmbridge by riding the thestral Skuld and being guided by the ghost of Ben Journey.

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