Lilith Tisiphone Grimm (b. early 1970's) is the Dean of Charmbridge Academy, and the Grimm Triplets, being the younger sister of Diana and the older sister of Hecate Grimm. Through Hecate, she is a former sister-in-law of Abraham Thorn, and an aunt of Alexandra Quick. She attended Charmbridge during the 1980s.

She personally visited Old Larkin in Larkin Mills in August 2007 in order to offer a full scholarship to Alexandra, confounding Claudia Quick and Archie Green to persuade them to agree to Alex's schooling. Grimm then took Alex to Goody Pruett's Witch-Made Pies, Cakes, and Other Confections in the Goblin Market in Chicago to explain more about Charmbridge and the laws of the Wizarding World.

She instructed Alex not to use magic outside of school, and subsequently sent her a howler when Alex used an Unlocking Charm two days later.


Lilith is likely named after the German folklorists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and may also be named after John Grim, the Master of the school at Cambridge in 1201. She shares her first name with the legendary first wife of Adam in Christian mythology, and her middle name with the chthonic deity of "vengeful destruction".

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Their guest was a tall woman with jet black hair, as straight as Alexandra's but much longer. She was wearing a crisp white jacket and knee-length skirt and painfully high heels. Rings glittered on her fingers. There was a silver watchband and several bracelets around her wrists, and a matching silver chain around her neck. Alexandra wouldn't exactly have called her beautiful, but she was very handsome, with perfect chiseled features, high cheekbones, a sharp nose and an angular chin now raised in Alexandra's direction.

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