Lucilla Gregoria "Lucy" White (b. 1983) is the daughter of Abraham Thorn and his third wife, Guinevere White; she is the twin sister of Drucilla, and the older sister of Valeria, and the half-sister of Maximilian King, Julia King, and Alexandra Quick, as well as a daughter of Thorn's first marriage.

Like all of Thorn's children, Lucilla is interviewed by agents of the Wizard Justice Department several time a year. She is a talented Artificer, but cannot find work because of the stigma of her paternity. She met her youngest half-sister Alexandra for the first time in May 2009 at Blacksburg Magery Institute. She wears her blonde hair straight, and tends to use Glamour Charms more often than her twin.

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Lucilla may be named after the daughter of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and shares her middle name with an Empress of the Byzantine Empire.

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