Old Larkin is a neighborhood in the Midwestern North American town of Larkin Mills, and is considered the "bad" part of town. Two of its boundaries appear to be Sweetmaple Avenue and the Interstate Highway. Off the edge of the neighborhood is Old Larkin Pond, which is brackish, smaller than Larkin Mills Pond, and smells of old boots. The dirtier pond was also once home to a kappa, as well as a band of redcaps.

Notable residents of Old Larkin include Brian and Bonnie Seabury and Mrs. Wilborough, on Sweetmaple Avenue. Alex and Claudia Quick and Archie Green lived at 207 Sweetmaple Avenue until a housefire during the Christmas Eve Blizzard of 2007 burned their residence to the ground. Archie and Claudia later had their house rebuilt on the same lot.

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