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21 February 2020 ~ Book Six Announced
Inverarity is currently writing the sixth book in the Alexandra Quick series, entitled Alexandra Quick and the Wizard War.
2 August 2019 ~ The World Away
The World Away begins publication at Fanfiction.net and AO3.
5 May 2014 ~ AQATWA Revealed
The title of the fifth book is revealed to be Alexandra Quick and the World Away.
11 May 2012 ~ Book Five Announced
Inverarity is currently writing the fifth book in the Alexandra Quick series, tentatively known as AQATWA.
30 December 2011 ~ The Stars Above
The Stars Above begins publication at Fanfiction.net, Mugglenet.com, and FictionAlley.

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Inverarity is the author of Alexandra Quick series . He has also authored the novel Hogwarts Houses Divided concerning the characters of Teddy Lupin, Dewey Diggory, Kai Chang, and Violet Parkinson, as well as writing the short stories "Christmas in Amber" and "Anger," and the novelette "The MacGuffin Hunt."




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