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This is the official policy page for Quickipedia. It will grow as problems arise, but it is hoped that most issues may never need addressing.


First and foremost, Quickipedia is exactly that - a wiki, or an editable online encyclopedia on the extended version of the Harry Potter universe according to the Alexandra Quick Series. We host information, facts, images, and official theories related to Alexandra Quick Series on this site, as well as discussions about the material presented here. We do not entertain any fan fiction, images, or ramblings (collectively "fanonsense"), advertisements, spam, or articles not directly associated with the Alexandra Quick Series. You may talk about anything which you like on your talk page, or add the same in your namespace, as long as it is legal. We don't really care. Just remember that this wiki is not a social networking site. If you don't have anything of real informative value to contribute and if you don't want to help out in editing or monitoring - in short, if you don't want to make yourself useful - then scram.


All information is derived from:

Because the Harry Potter source material is what the stories are based off of, information can also derive from:

  • J. K. Rowling - the original creator of the Harry Potter stories and world

Any information directly or related to Rowling that may conflict with Inverarity's writings, should not be taken as canon for the Alexandra Quick Universe.

    • Big portions of Pottermore
    • The Fantastic Beast movies
    • The Cursed Child
    • Tweets and interviews of J.K. Rowling since 2011
    • Interviews
  • Rowling Involved - sources that do not contain information directly from the "mouth" of J. K. Rowling, yet are projects that she was involved in.
    • Wizard Cards
    • Harry Potter Trading Card Game

In-universe" point of view

For the sake of consistency, all articles written about people, places, or things within the Harry Potter Universe have to be written from an "in-universe" perspective rather than from a "real world" perspective: for example, "Alicia Spinnet was a Chaser in the first five books" should be changed to "Alicia Spinnet was a Chaser from 1991 to 1995". This rule naturally does not apply for subjects outside the Alexandra Quick Series, like Inverarity,, and the different books. Subjects that exist both in the real world and in the HP Universe should be written about from an in-universe perspective (e.g. Chicago, Nicolas Flamel, etc.).

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Articles, images, categories and other pages on Quickipedia which have been tagged with will be automatically listed in Category:Candidates for deletion and will be deleted after no opposition have been given. Articles which have been previously deleted will be re-deleted if there are no significant improvements; articles which obviously do not belong in the wiki (e.g. vandalism, unrelated topics and articles) will be deleted on sight. (Note: If an article has been tagged for an exceptionally long time without consensus, an admin may or may not delete it at their own discretion.)

If your article has been tagged or deleted, please do not take offence - this is not meant against you. You may defend your article on its talk page or deletion page, or talk to an administrator. Never remove the {{delete}} tag before the vote is done - repeatedly doing so may result in a ban of three days minimum. If your article is deleted, please refrain from rewriting it without consensus from your fellow editors.

This logic also applies in reverse. Please do not attempt to delete articles by yourselves. Blanking articles is just as bad as removing delete tags from those unfortunate articles, and repeatedly blanking articles (not necessarily the same one) also constitutes a minor offence and may result in a three day minimum ban. If you wish to delete an article, you may use the tags mentioned above, state your reason, and wait for a consensus.

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