Richard Raspire is special assistant to Governor-General Elias Hucksteen.

Known Biography Edit

Raspire accompanied the Governor-General to Charmbridge Academy's 2007 commencement in order to question Alexandra Quick regarding her father. He instructed Quick to use the Governor-General's business card to contact the Office of Special Inquisitions by pressing her thumb to either the Governor-General's seal or the Seal of the Confederation, at which point she would be contacted immediately.

In May 2009, Raspire accompanied Diana Grimm in her interrogation of Quick after the seventh-grader returned from the Lands Below. Dissatisfied with Quick's claim that she remembered nothing, Raspire administered a dose of veritaserum that wound up proving that Quick had been Obliviated.

In July of 2011, when he was present at Alexandra's appeal of her expulsion from Charmbridge. Raspire seemed to have some involvement in the appeal committee's attempt to entrap Alexandra and Claudia at that hearing, but the precise nature of that plan is unknown since Alexandra withdrew her appeal before it could fully get under way. When Claudia saw Raspire, her reaction led Alexandra to suspect that Raspire had been involved in Claudia's forced sterilization years before. After the hearing, Raspire confronted Alexandra, Claudia and Livia; warning them to return to the muggle world permanently and remain Wandless.

Appearance and Behavior Edit

Raspire is bald, and usually wears black robes with a red sash, a uniform similar to that of an Auror or Special Inquisitor but subtly different. Raspire is soft-spoken and superficially friendly but he has an insinuating manner that many find unsettling.

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