The following genealogical chart concerns the Thorn family * of American witches and wizards:

Absalom Thorn; m. Hippolyta Black
Ezra Leonis Thorn; m. Patience Hallowell
Sarah Hope Thorn; m. Hercules Nathan Dearborn
Ezekiel Orion Thorn
Cassandra Michal Thorn
Enoch Corvus Thorn; m. Emer Quinn
Miriam Rachel Thorn
Jared Ciaran Thorn; m. Leah Stanton
Joshua Camber Thorn
Abel Aaron Thorn; m. Abigail Samantha Roane
Seth Jacob Thorn; m. Augusta Celeste Hallowell
Abraham Everard Thorn; m. Abraham Thorn's first wife
Claudia Carolina Quick (b. 1974)
m. Desirée Pruett (d. 1984)
Livia Justina Pruett (b. 1976)
m. Guinevere Helene White
Lucilla Gregoria White (b. 1983)
Drucilla Graciana White (b. 1983)
Valeria Helena White (b. 1985)
m. late 1980's Thalia Agatha King (div. 1995)
Maximilian Alexander King (b. 3 July 1992; d. May 2009)
Julia Majesta King (b. 1994)
w. Hecate Grimm
Alexandra Octavia Quick (b. 22 March 1996)

The fact that Hippolyta and Absalom Thorn's sons bear middle names – Leonis, Orion, and Corvus – related to consellations lends credence to the theory that Hippolyta was directly related to the British House of Black, which carried on the same tradition.


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