Valeria Helena White is the daughter of Abraham Thorn and his third wife, Guinevere White; she is the younger sister of Lucilla and Drucilla, and the half-sister of Maximilian King, Julia King, and Alexandra Quick, as well as a daughter of Thorn's first marriage.

Like all of Thorn's children, Valeria is interviewed by agents of the Wizard Justice Department several time a year. She went overseas in 2004 in order to pursue a career as an Historicist because "only a few Territories in the Confederation have Historical Departments, and none of them are going to hire a daughter of Abraham Thorn." She met her youngest half-sister Alexandra for the first time in May 2009 at Blacksburg Magery Institute. She is "shorter and plumper" than her full-sisters, and wears her curly brown hair tied back from her face.

In November 2009, she met Alex at the Blacksburge Wizardrail Station along with Thalia and Julia King, and the four returned to Croatoa for Thanksgiving.


Valeria may be named after the daughter of Marcus Niger, while her middle name is a variation on her mother's middle name.


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