William Hobbes * is the Transfiguration Professor at Charmbridge Academy, and administers part of the Sixth Grade practical placement S.P.A.W.N.


Hobbes shares his surname with a 17th Century English philosopher.


Mr. Hobbes was an older man with frizzy white hair. He looked a bit like a mad scientist in green robes. Even his smile was eccentric, lopsided and showing too many teeth. “Alexandra... Quick, is it?” he asked, reading from a scroll. “Come in, come in!” He beckoned her further into the room. She saw that on the table in front of him was a glass of water, a rock, a stick, and a small white mouse in a glass cage.

“There's a good girl,” he wheezed, as she walked over to stand on the other side of the table from him. “Now, don't worry a bit if you're not actually able to succeed at any of my simple tests. Transfigurations are very difficult, very difficult! One third of the sixth-graders I test can't even manage a single-element inanimate-to-inanimate transfiguration.”

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